Note to AGEC’s vision

AGEC recognises that gender is a social construct and is broader than the binary. AGEC’s priority is addressing the barriers to equity for those who identify as women and girls, recognising many barriers are amplified by intersectionality.

Statement regarding Transgender women

Evidence demonstrates that all people identifying as women suffer inequality regarding safety & respect, economic security and leadership representation. AGEC supports equality for women whether they are assigned female gender at birth or identify as women at some point in their lives. AGEC also acknowledges that inequality and discrimination can be more significant for transgender women, those who identify as non-binary, and others who are part of the broader LGBTQI community.

AGEC’s vision for women’s equality will never be at the expense of transgender women. In this respect, AGEC does not support the outright exclusion of transgender women from women’s sport and believe that individual sporting codes should consider appropriate measures to ensure fairness in competitive events. While our primary objective is to advance equality for all who identify as women, we also support gender equality across the full spectrum of gender that the real world presents.