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We need you to join the fight. Just like the Suffragettes and the women of the Women’s liberation movement of the 1970’s, who achieved the rights we value today, we cannot finish the fight for equality in this generation unless we unite as they did.

By joining us  you will be equipped to help spread the message of gender equality and stay informed with monthly newsletters and regular updates of our campaigns and initiatives. As an advocate (stakeholder) committed to gender equality you will also receive an AGEC pin and be able to participate in our advisory forums and polls which seek feedback on campaign priorities and future  directions.

You may also wish to help us fund the current ‘It’s Time’ campaign by donating towards seeing this message appear on Television  across Australia so that we can reach as many people as possible to hear our voice for change.

If you’re representing an organisation that is interested in joining our  movement please email info@agec.org.au

To acknowledge your commitment to the fight you will receive an ‘AGEC’ pin which you can proudly wear for your support. The pin comes with a thank you card.


Fund the campaign ‘Its Time’ and be proud that you played a part in the broadcast of the video dedicated to the cause.

Real social change can happen and it can happen quickly. The current ‘Times Up’, ‘#MeToo’ and ‘Women’s Marches’ movements are evidence of this. Gender equality campaigns of the past have been successful because they were driven by fact-based awareness  campaigns in the main-stream media which were supported by thousands of advocates across the community. The time is now, its time for change.

Help us to make gender equality a priority for our Governments, our corporations and our community as a whole. If we act with one  voice and with a clear message we can bring about gender equality in this generation so that those looking back to our time in the  future will say in admiration that they had the courage to stand together to finish the fight.

Donations over $200 will receive a ‘Deeds not Words’ pin you can proudly wear showing your support. The pin comes with a thank you card giving you the history behind the original pin.


I can’t afford to donate at the moment but want my voice to be heard and my support to be felt.

Regardless of whether you have the capacity to support us financially, we would like to enlist your support by signing up to our database and in helping us to spread the message of gender equality in Australia.

By sharing our campaign (etc) with your friends and colleagues you will be helping to raise awareness of the cause of gender equality more widely and that in itself is a great contribution.

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