Tara Diamond

Board Member

Tara Diamond is an executive leader of Australian resources and energy group AMMA, and was elected to the AGEC Board in November 2020.  Reporting to AMMA’s Board and Chief Executive, Tara holds responsibility for a range of critical services and programs meeting the evolving workforce needs of AMMA members spanning the mining, oil and gas, and allied service sectors.  With a decade of diversity and inclusion workforce development experience, Tara leads resources and energy employers with programs and research to assist industry and employers build capability to increase female workforce and leadership representation. 

Tara leads AMMA’s national diversity initiative, the Australian Women in Resources Alliance (AWRA), which assists resource employers to build more diverse and inclusive workforces.  Tara oversees a national team delivering AMMA’s membership, policy and public affairs, events, media and communications functions, as well as industry workforce programs promoting, developing and researching diversity and inclusion, mental health and wellness, skilling and workforce development.

Notable programs led by Tara includes AWRA eMentoring and the Bright Future STEM Primary School program. Tara has deep experience in developing programs to meet the industry’s workforce and community need and was the Commonwealth’s nominee on the Australian Industry and Skills Committee.