Louise Weine

Board Member

Louise Weine was elected to the AGEC Board in November 2020 and her passion is for truly inclusive workplace cultures. As National Director for the National Association of Women in Operations (NAWO) Louise leads a network of people who are activating positive change to strengthen the pipeline of female talent and remove systemic barriers to female success in order to achieve more gender balanced teams at all levels.  Leveraging experience gained over 26 years in HR, organisational design, and high performance team leadership in manufacturing and FMCG, Louise helps people to think differently about the future they are creating for each other, their customers and stakeholders.

NAWO’s membership is drawn from a broad range of industries including Manufacturing, Logistics, Supply Chain, Utilities, Agriculture, Resources, Transport, Construction, Property Management and Professional Services.  As NAWO’s National Director, Louise’s aspiration is to drive change so that challenging, high performance work lives blend with “whole” lives – family, health, friends, the community and environment. Where productivity and results are valued more highly than where work is done and what hours are worked. Where diversity in teams is proactively sought, and valued in order for innovative thought to thrive. Louise approaches problems from both a systems and behavioural perspective and believes that inclusive culture results from the choices made in organisational design coupled with demonstrated leadership behaviour at every level.