Helen Badger


Helen Badger is currently a senior project manager with Manteena Security Pty Ltd and sees firsthand the challenges faced by women both at the front line and in the executive areas. Helens approach to advocating for women is to embrace everyone in the industry and encourage all levels of government, corporates, contractors and individuals (men and women) to create a workplace that reflects the community that we all live in.

Helen has been involved in National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) since the establishment of the ACT Chapter in 2006 and is the current Chair. In this role Helen provides guidance and support for the organisation to have a stronger voice in the industry while maintaining and enhancing the support for individual women. Helen advocates for the construction industry to recognise that teams that have a greater gender balance will bring greater opportunities. With Chapters in all the states and territories Helen provides the support and guidance to extend the reach and influence of NAWIC.