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AGEC plays a key role in advocating for gender equality through public advocacy and policy development in each of the key areas critical to women achieving gender equality in all aspects of work and life.

Budget & Election News

January 2022 – AGEC 2022-2023 Pre Budget Submission

The Australian Gender Equality Council's FY22-23 Pre Budget Submission identifies the critical need for a national strategy on gender equality to boost women's workforce participation and the Australian economy. Australia has never had a national strategy which...

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AGEC Election Scorecard

AGEC has published a 2022 Federal Election Scorecard which measures the major parties’ performance against AGEC’s Key Priorities. For the first time AGEC has analysed the major parties policy platforms and their promises on gender equality to see how they measure up in this election.

To read the Scorecard and learn more about AGEC’s Key Election Priorities click here.

Read the AGEC Media Release.

Policy Position Statements

Call for a National Strategy on Gender Equality

Australia has never had a national strategy on gender equality – one which comprehensively identifies and seeks to address all aspects of gender inequality as set out in AGEC’s Gender Equality Manifesto. Only when a comprehensive National Strategy is established by Government in collaboration with business and the broader community will Australia accelerate its pathway to achieving gender equality.  Without a co-ordinated and integrated strategy, well-intended efforts to achieve gender equality will increasingly become hit and miss, and continue to focus only on addressing symptoms not the underlying causes of inequality.

To understand more about how AGEC would approach development of a National Strategy, and what must be considered, read our 2022 Election Key Priorities.  #ItsTime


Universal Childcare – the Power to Transform our Economy

The 2021 Federal Budget was a missed opportunity for significant economic reform — something that would inject billions of dollars into the Australian economy and a significant step toward achieving true gender equality in the workplace.  The economic argument for universal early childhood education is strong; what makes it compelling is the opportunity for step change for gender equality and providing Australian children with quality early learning for a better future.  AGEC believes this a once in a lifetime opportunity to use stimulus measures for longer term economic reform. #ItsTime

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AGEC calls for Decisive Action to end Sexual Harassment

The Australian Gender Equality Council believes all people must be respected and be safe from the threat of violence and sexual harassment. We call upon the Prime Minister, National Cabinet and every elected Member of Parliament to act against gendered violence in the Parliamentary workplace as an example to every Australian workplace. All 55 recommendations of the Sex Discrimination Commissioner’s 2020 Report must be implemented as a top priority, and the government must ratify the International Convention on eliminating violence and harassment at work. #ItsTime

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