NAWO (Women in Operations)

NAWO is the leading national network for women in operations, actively led and resourced by an inclusive multi-industry community of industry professionals and an experienced executive team.

Our vision is to see gender diversity valued and balanced at every level in operations.

Within traditionally male-dominated sectors we advocate for a target minimum of 40% female representation at every level, (40% women, 40% men and 20% of any gender); with a shared understanding that gender diversity is a desirable outcome that positively impacts business metrics.

NAWO supports people to lead more inclusively, provides a safe space to ask questions and have conversations that help achieve greater gender balance. 

We support all women in achieving their career goals: providing meaningful connections, inspiring role models and offering development opportunities to activate their full potential. 

We connect businesses through membership: facilitating dialogue, sharing ideas and progressing actions to achieve greater inclusion and gender balance in operations.

We are respectful and inclusive of all diversity and intersectionality at NAWO. We acknowledge that different parts of a person’s identity or circumstances – such as age, race, culture, family responsibilities, physical and neurological diversity, chronic illness, gender, location or religion – intersect and combine to shape life experience and associated challenges, including that of discrimination.

The language we use at NAWO is inclusive of intersecting identities, lived-experiences and opinions. We respect and celebrate all people who identify as women, including the voices of those who are trans, gender and sexually diverse, and non-binary.

We commit to taking responsibility to continue to educate ourselves and to examine our words and actions to foster positive change.

To learn more about the work we do and how to get involved please visit NAWO’s website.