Cognicity Pty Ltd

Progress towards gender equality is stalling. Analysis indicates that most industries will not achieve equality for another 50+ years, and for many, the trend line is reversing. A new and evidence-based approach is required to generate the next level of momentum toward gender equality in organisations.

We will partner with you to achieve the shift in momentum required. Contact us to:

  • Disrupt organisational fatigue around diversity and inclusion
  • Engage senior leadership with a contemporary diversity and inclusion perspective
  • Build a sustainable pipeline of female talent for the ‘C-Suite’
  • Challenge complacency around microsexism
  • Empower your team members to be effective, inclusive leaders
  • Focus strategies on the factors that support women’s retention and growth
  • Diversify women’s participation beyond corporate roles into operational roles
  • Dispel the myths that surround meritocracy and flexibility
  • Target the bias blindspots within your talent management policies and procedures

Cognicity’s methodology blends analytics, research, consultancy, policy reviews and practical exercises with online, virtual, in-person and train-the-trainer learning, to tailor an approach for each organisation. We focus on what the evidence supports as being impactful to achieving actual change. And our online training has been research-verified to significantly affect participant’s intension and confidence to engage in behaviours that promote diversity and inclusion.

Cognicity’s extensive client list can be found here and includes ASX50 corporations, major universities and not-for-profits, as well as local, state and federal government entities in Australia and New Zealand.