AREEA’s Australian Women in Resources Alliance

AREEA recognises that gender diversity has swiftly emerged as a top priority for the resource industry, triggering new and innovative initiatives to up the ante on women’s participation in Australia’s resources, allied and related construction sector.

With new skills, ideas and innovations driving our evolution into a long-term production and export era, women are set to play a critical role in ensuring Australia’s resource future is as strong and prosperous as its past.

With our industry workforce comprising of a lower number of women, it is clearly in the interests of our productivity and the sustainability of our skills base to place more priority into increasing the female workforce participation within our industry.

To this end, diversity-savvy resource employers are increasingly engaging AREEA’s national gender diversity initiative, the Australian Women in Resources Alliance (AWRA), and its suite of practical programs.

The Australian Women in Resources Alliance (AWRA) is a national workforce gender diversity initiative facilitated by the expertise, knowledge and the highly regarded reputation of AREEA.

The AWRA initiative has the unique position of not only assisting companies to embrace and excel in their workforce strategies, but to genuinely affect change within policy and legislation that will ultimately benefit business into the future.

Dedicated to drive business productivity and innovation through integrating a diverse mix of skills, AWRA seeks to build women’s workforce participation in the resource, allied and related construction sectors to 25% by 2020.

Through the provision of dedicated support and guidance materials designed specifically for the resource industry, as well as facilitating programs that help attract, retain and develop female talent, AWRA seeks to build autonomy in creating gender diversity in the resource industry.

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