All levels of sport must allow for equitable access and participation and have a zero-gender-based pay gap.
  1. Sport at school and all levels in the community is equally safe and accessible for all genders.
  2. People of all genders have equal pay and conditions in professional sports.
  3. Sporting facilities have equal priority and access and cater to all genders’ needs.


  1. Set gender-neutral standards for pay and conditions in all professional sporting codes.
  2. Funded sporting infrastructure meets and reports annually on ‘accessibility’ KPIs.
  3. There must be gender-proportional media coverage of sports.
  4. A gender lens is applied to all sporting infrastructure spending by all three levels of Government.
  5. Sports policy and program decisions explicitly consider the impacts on women.
  6. Tie Australia’s sports-related funding to the relevant sporting codes achieving agreed gender targets.