Safety & Respect at Work

All people must be respected and be safe from any threat or action of gender-based violence, bias, bullying, sexual assault, and sexual harassment in the workplace.
  1. People always feel respected and safe at work, and psychological safety is prioritised like physical safety.
  2. Everyone can express their gender at work without fear of discrimination or ridicule.
  3. People feel empowered and safe in reporting incidents to their workplace or relevant authorities, and appropriate support is available.


  1. Employees are educated and empowered to call out psychologically hazardous behaviours before they escalate or lead to inappropriate workplace behaviours.
  2. Workplaces are resourced to educate all employees, contractors, and third parties about acceptable and non-acceptable workplace behaviour.
  3. Gender-based violence and inappropriate behaviour are identified as significant safety issues and built into workplace safety management systems.
  4. Safety management controls are implemented to prevent sexual harassment and incidents reported.
  5. Workplaces are required and supported to implement empathic well-being programs supporting the psychological safety of all employees.
  6. Non-disclosure agreements can only be used at the victim’s request.
  7. Reporting and investigative processes are victims centred by design. Ensuring a trauma and culturally informed response.
  8. HR departments are reviewed, and policies are changed to ensure they act impartially and not for the employer.
  9. External support for incident response is enlisted as required by organisations without relevant internal resources.
  10. Safety equipment, uniforms, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are adequately designed and appropriately sourced and supplied to meet the needs of people of all genders and diversity.
  11. Track progress for all 55 Australian Human Rights Commission’s Respect@Work: Sexual Harassment and National Inquiry Report (2020) recommendations being implemented and follow up for the next steps.
  12. Invest in programs to eliminate gender stereotypes and promote Respect for women and girls.