Media voice and content, including sports, news media, the arts, entertainment, and community, must reflect the gender composition of society.
  1. All genders receive fair media coverage in the news, entertainment, health, social issues, politics, finance, education, and social media.
  2. People are treated equally in the media regardless of gender.
  3. The faces of all genders are seen and heard equally in all media domains, ensuring that they are presented in non-traditional roles.


  1. Media watchdogs to develop and enforce a policy toolkit for fair gender representation in the media.
  2. Media outlets set editorial targets for coverage of women sports people, commentators, and entertainers.
  3. Increase women’s employment share, helping them secure jobs, advance in their professions, and flourish.
  4. Actively increase and set targets for the number of women commenting as experts and providing their perspectives, contributions, and responses.
  5. Remove gender-biased advertising and programming and sexist media.
  6. Promote exemplary organisations that demonstrate gender balance.
  7. A focus on undoing gender role stereotypes through a national advertising campaign.
  8. Vocational training for journalists includes gender studies, unconscious bias, language use, and awareness training.
  9. Reform advertising standards to eliminate gender-biased advertising and programming.
  10. Industries and organisations should evaluate and assess their level of female representation, engage in training and development for spokeswomen, and commit to tracking improvement.
  11. The media must pledge to enhance the proportion of female bylines to match the population’s gender ratio (50/50).
  12. Media should address the gender disparity in the most widely discussed topics covered in the media, such as sports, health, and politics.
  13. The media should prioritise gender parity in the news and reporting via inclusion and diversity in content creation by ensuring workplaces promote and provide exposure for women and avenues to leadership.
  14. Setting quotas for the number of women to anchor prime time shows.