The gender composition of society must be reflected in the proportional air-time of presenters as well as the reporting and representation of all media content including sport, news media, the arts, entertainment and community.


  • All genders receive equal media coverage in the news, entertainment and social media.
  • People are treated equally in the media regardless of gender.
  • The faces of all genders are seen and voices heard equally in all domains of the media, and in ensuring that they are presented in non-traditional roles.


  • Media outlets set targets for coverage of women sports people, commentators and entertainers.
  • Call out gender biased advertising and programming, and sexist media.
  • Promote and reward exemplar organisations that demonstrate gender balance.
  • Media watchdogs to develop and enforce a policy toolkit for fair gender representation in the media.
  • A focus on undoing gender role stereotypes through a national advertising campaign.