Health & Wellbeing

Women and girls must have equitable and unimpeded access and agency concerning their health and wellbeing, including proportionate funding distribution, research, and services.
  1. Funding for new health research is balanced across the needs of all genders.
  2. Equitable health care and outcomes for people of all genders, focusing on gendered physical and mental health issues, such as menopause, endometriosis, and higher rates of mental illness.
  3. Equitable access to specialist medical care for remote, rural, and regional Australians.
  4. Women can control their reproductive rights and access safe and affordable reproductive healthcare.
  5. Women-focused health and well-being-related products (such as sanitary products, contraception, reproductive health, pre/postnatal care, and menopause) are PBS listed and exempt from taxation.


  1. Consistent decriminalisation of abortion in every State and Territory.
  2. Access to gender-related healthcare information.
  3. Access to services is not determined by gender or restricted by gender bias.
  4. Subsidies for women and girls’ sanitary products and free products in schools, universities, and public utilities.
  5. Effective contraceptive and reproductive health care are accessible to ALL regardless of gender, socioeconomic status, or geography.
  6. Equal research funding and subsidised care are provided for all genders’ diseases, e.g., prostate and breast cancer.
  7. Create structures to review and reallocate funding to ensure distribution addresses historic knowledge gaps.
  8. Invest in structured workplace programs to develop employees’ wellness understanding across all genders.
  9. Deliver Public Sector balance in health and well-being services, ensuring all genders have equal access to assistance and support.
  10. Eliminate barriers to health education, thereby increasing the health system’s allies and advocates.