Government & Democracy

All levels of Government must reflect the gender mix and overall diversity of the communities they represent.
  1. Gender-balanced representation is ensured across the public sector and departments in all Local Government, State, and Federal Parliaments, including cabinets.
  2. Political campaigns and policies reflect the needs of all genders equally.
  3. Politicians are treated equally in the media and Parliament regardless of gender.


  1. Mandate that all Cabinets contain a gender balance and diversity in line with the composition of the society they represent.
  2. Follow-up and advocacy for the adoption of all 28 recommendations of the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Set the Standard report on the Independent Review into Commonwealth Parliamentary Workplaces
  3. All political parties set targets and quotas for candidate recruitment and pre-selection.
  4. Gender-balanced candidate pipelines are developed for all political parties.
  5. All candidates are given equal campaign funding support by their parties.
  6. Political campaigns are measured for their impact on gender equality.
  7. Parliaments enforce respectful standards of behaviour.
  8. Fund non-partisan organisations to run programs for women considering running for local, State, or Federal Government.
  9. Fund education programs in schools and universities that encourage and empower girls and young women to consider public and community service leadership positions.
  10. Fund a national education program to positively shift the perception of women and those in public office.
  11. Include gender, civics, democracy, and governance in the national primary and secondary school curriculum.