Family & Caring Responsibilities

Family and caring responsibilities are recognised as a social responsibility and a priority for everyone, regardless of gender and diversity. National systems and processes exist to support shared care


  1. People share equal caring responsibilities and have access to free, universal, quality, accessible, all-hours early childhood education and care and non-gendered paid parental leave.
  2. There is a universal quality, affordable early education, and care for early childhood, before and after school, and vacation care, during primary school years.
  3. Carers of the elderly, ill, and disabled have access to flexible work arrangements and leave as and when required.
  4. Women’s workforce participation and economic security are increased by creating an equal distribution of caring responsibilities across all genders.


  1. Government funding and policy changes to provide universal free quality childcare through subsidies, tax breaks, or the extension of primary school education to 0-5-year-olds.
  2. Employers and Government provide equal access to leave for parenting and other caring responsibilities.
  3. Immediate introduction of 26 weeks of paid parental leaves unrelated to a parent’s gender or carer status (a reference to primary or secondary carer status removed).
  4. Prohibit requirements for a 12-month waiting period for access to parental leave.
  5. Change language and processes within schools and community organisations to align with the principle that people share caring responsibilities equitably.
  6. Invest in national public awareness campaigns to eliminate societal gender caring role stereotypes.