Access, participation and outcomes, at all levels of education, should not be affected by a student’s gender. There must be equal recognition of all genders in educational curricula.


  • Equal gender representation in primary, secondary and tertiary education class and courses, and in all fields of study.
  • All subjects offered by primary and secondary schools must be undertaken equally, regardless of gender.
  • Curricula must represent the achievements of all genders.
  • Non gender-based uniforms.
  • Students participate in all extra-curricular activities equally regardless of gender (sport, household chores, leadership etc).


  • Early career counselling to promote non-gender traditional job roles.
  • All schools must offer non gendered uniform options.
  • Intake targets for disciplines and subjects dominated by one gender to achieve gender balance.
  • Primary and secondary curriculums have mandatory diversity and inclusion education for students and parents.