The Government has released the findings of its Review into the Workplace Gender Equality Act and its recommendations for change.  The Report’s recommendations follow many of the calls made for strengthening the powers of the WGEA in the consultation process in 2021, and for improvements to the WGEA reporting platform to make it easier for employers to report. The recommendations also acknowledge the key role played by WGEA and the need for increased investment to support the job it does.  However, the recommendations fall short of AGEC’s calls for penalties for serial non-compliance with the Act, or a lowering of the 100 employee threshold.

Pleasingly the recommendations include public reporting of individual organisation’s gender pay gap and sets higher expectations on organisations to have policies on all key standards and to set measurable targets. How the reporting changes will be implemented will be subject to further consultation and AGEC will continue to play an important role in developing the enhanced reporting framework.

Read the full report here.