AGEC’s submission on the draft National Plan for the Prevention of Violence against Women and Children sends a strong message that it falls far short of expectations. Though the draft National Plan reflects a sound understanding of the prevalence, drivers and different forms of gender based violence in Australia, it fails to demonstrate proper consideration of the issues raised at the National Summit on Women’s Safety, consultation with indigenous women and the lived experience of so many women subject to domestic violence and the organisations that support them.  The draft National Plan is merely a contextual blueprint and statement of direction, which fails to acknowledge the lack of progress under the previous plan and the need for  a more urgent and a different approach. There are no clear actions, targets, nor accountabilities assigned. To be effective the Plan must move from motherhood statements to actions; it must include measurable targets for improved outcomes and a framework to monitor progress.

2022-02-28 Statement_National_Plan_End_Violence_Against_Women_Children_2022-2032