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Looking for some support with your gender diversity efforts? Our directory can help.

Gender Equality & Inclusion Consulting Directory

Gender equality will only be achieved with the commitment, understanding and action of individuals, organisations, governments and the community.  Gender inequality is one of life’s “wicked problems”. Like most “wicked problems” to understand it and find effective solutions requires skill, experience and resources.

To help you or your organisation take effective action, AGEC has built a directory of Diversity and Inclusion specialists that can help you get started and achieve your goals.

The Directory connects you with consultants and makes it easy for you to understand their offerings, and contact them via their website if you want to know more.   While we have carefully selected those organisations in the directory,  you should make your own assessment of what your needs are and who is best placed to help you.

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Code Conversations

Code Conversations

Services provided: Gender Diversity Strategy & Action Consulting, Gender Diversity Awareness & Action Programs, Inclusive Leadership Development Programs, Diversity & Inclusion Springboard Events

Locations: Australia (in-person & online) & Worldwide (online)

Contact: 0423 637 580

Code Conversations is a consulting and coaching business that helps leaders develop and implement strategies to build gender balanced organisations by understanding the impact of the Gender Code, strengthening inclusivity and mitigating unconscious bias.

Supporting real, sustainable change, so they can:

  • leverage the power of their high performing women
  • attract the right women into their organisation
  • take their reputation and culture from good to great

Whether your organisation has recently committed to diversity and inclusion investment or has been building an inclusive culture for some time, or anywhere in between, Code Conversations can help you reach the next step to achieve organisational and personal objectives.

Using the language of ‘coding’, we support and guide you with tools and programs designed to make unconscious bias, conscious and make the Gender Code conversation accessible, actionable and implementational.

We work with your organisation, your leaders and individuals to understand your key performance metrics; financial, brand and people, and then use diversity and inclusion strategies and actions to achieve them.

We provide insight and embed behavioural change.  And crucially we find ways to transform knowledge and leave a lasting legacy of enhanced capability that your business can continue to independently build on and develop into the future.

We offer an innovative approach based on Founder, Danielle Dobson’s 2-year grounded theory research project interviewing over 50 women leaders which resulted in her book, Breaking the Gender Code: How women can use what they already have to get what they actually want.

Cognicity Pty Ltd

Cognicity Pty Ltd

Services Provided: Gender Diversity Consulting; Gender Diversity Coaching; Other Diversity Consulting; Gender Diversity Training
Locations: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom & United States
+61 3 8568 3633

Progress towards gender equality is stalling. Analysis indicates that most industries will not achieve equality for another 50+ years, and for many, the trend line is reversing. A new and evidence-based approach is required to generate the next level of momentum toward gender equality in organisations.

We will partner with you to achieve the shift in momentum required. Contact us to:
• Disrupt organisational fatigue around diversity and inclusion
• Engage senior leadership with a contemporary diversity and inclusion perspective
• Build a sustainable pipeline of female talent for the ‘C-Suite’
• Challenge complacency around microsexism
• Empower your team members to be effective, inclusive leaders
• Focus strategies on the factors that support women’s retention and growth
• Diversify women’s participation beyond corporate roles into operational roles
• Dispel the myths that surround meritocracy and flexibility
• Target the bias blindspots within your talent management policies and procedures

Cognicity’s methodology blends analytics, research, consultancy, policy reviews and practical exercises with online, virtual, in-person and train-the-trainer learning, to tailor an approach for each organisation. We focus on what the evidence supports as being impactful to achieving actual change. And our online training has been research-verified to significantly affect participant’s intension and confidence to engage in behaviours that promote diversity and inclusion.

Cognicity’s extensive client list can be found here and includes ASX50 corporations, major universities and not-for-profits, as well as local, state and federal government entities in Australia and New Zealand.

Cultivate Sponsorship Pty Ltd

Cultivate Sponsorship Pty Ltd

Services Provided: Gender Diversity Consulting
Location: Australia
0412 140 470

Cultivate is a sponsorship program built by it’s Founders Kat and Nat, based on Australian PhD research plus lived experience of the traditional barriers to women’s career progression. Sponsorship forms a strategic alliance between the leader and the sponsee. Our program is effective because it is targeted at building the behaviours and skills needed in both the leader and the sponsee. This is not another ‘fix the women’ program! Our first 3 years of running the program have proven that it is highly impactful in retaining and developing talent in organisations and has a high return on investment for employers as well as both individuals involved in the program.

Diversity Partners

Diversity Partners

Services Provided: Gender Diversity Consulting; Parental Leave Consulting; Other Diversity Consulting; Gender Diversity Training
Locations: Australia
1800 571 999

Diversity Partners is a specialist consulting firm guiding organisations to achieve more diverse and inclusive workplaces. Since 2009, we’ve assisted more than 300 clients to progress their inclusion and diversity objectives. Our clients range from large blue-chip organisations to small-medium firms and public sector departments and agencies in Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Whether your firm is starting out, or well progressed in efforts to achieve diversity and a more inclusive work culture, Diversity Partners has a range of solutions – including diagnostics, diversity and inclusion strategy development, diversity dashboards, leadership workshops – to create and sustain momentum.

We offer programs to challenge unconscious bias in decision-making and promote inclusive leadership, flexibility and cross-cultural awareness. We’re known for our practical and commercial application of global best practices in diversity and inclusion.

Dr Jan Edwards

Dr Jan Edwards

Services Provided: Gender Diversity Consulting
Locations: Australia wide and international
0422 316 828

Dr Jan Edwards has worked in Australia and internationally (15+ countries) as a Gender Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion Consultant (GEDSI) across government, private sector and civil society. Since 2004, Jan has been working with international governments for clients including the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Asian Development Bank (ADB), World Bank, the European Union (EU), International Labour Organisation (ILO) and others to support governments to achieve GEDSI goals. Jans key strengths are the assessment, audits and analysis of gender equality and diversity, GEDSI strategy development, policy analysis, design of gender and diverse indicators for monitoring and evaluation. She has worked across numerous sectors including education, health, infrastructure and others. Jan is an experienced educator and is skilled at designing and implementing training based on organisational needs and goals.

Jan holds a PhD (Sociology- Gender) a Masters in Social Science (Counselling), Masters in Evaluation, Bachelor of Special Education, Diploma of Teaching, Graduate Certificate in Educational Counselling and a Certificate in Bahasa Indonesia for the State Islamic University in Malang, East Java.

Jan is active working with civil society organisations in a voluntary capacity. She is an Executive Member of Women Adult and Vocational Education and a member of the Management Group of Economic Security for Women. She is a member of the Ethics Board of Includocvate, an international not for profit, Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE) and other not for profits.

How Do You Do It

How Do You Do It

Services Provided: Gender Diversity Consulting, Parental Leave Consulting, Other Diversity Consulting, Gender Diversity Training
Locations: Australia, EMEA based in UK and Nordics based in Denmark
+61 476 583 392

How Do You Do It is an international specialist coaching company founded in Australia in 2006. We work with organisations to create long term behavioural change around the retention and progression of diverse talent.

Working with individuals, particularly working parents, their managers and the wider organisation, we run award winning group coaching programmes that support the development of modern inclusive workplaces.

We have always worked with mums and dads and having coached thousands of parents and their managers, we have developed considerable insight into the barriers and solutions to supporting working parents for the benefit of the individual, their team and the wider organisation. Looking at the whole person and how they navigate their career and family responsibilities, How Do You Do It enables individuals to thrive and businesses to benefit from the broadest talent pool.

In addition to our flagship face to face coaching programmes, our product portfolio includes a range of e-learning and virtual group coaching modules enabling How Do You Do It to support organisations of all sizes and across geographically dispersed workforces.


Inclusivity Quotient (InQ)

Inclusivity Quotient (InQ)

Services Provided: Gender Diversity Consulting, Gender Diversity Coaching, Gender Diversity Training
Locations: Australia and Canada
0424 348 790

Inclusivity Quotient (InQ) is a boutique consultancy working with CEOs and senior executives committed to co-creating gender inclusive workplaces. Our signature program, designed to authentically engage senior male leaders in fostering inclusion, provides participants the opportunity to:

  • Explore the benefits – both professional and personal – of diverse and inclusive workplaces
  • Examine the key barriers impeding progress, including socially conditioned biases, systemic and cultural barriers and industry-specific challenges
  • Deeply reflect on how beliefs and behaviors are formed—particularly with regard to the role of men and women in the workplace, and society—and how they foster or impede inclusion
  • Virtually experience the harmful impact of gender exclusive language and behaviour
  • Explore threats and opportunities – moving from ‘zero sum thinking’ to ‘what’s in it for men
  • Surface self-determined solutions to overcome challenges and foster inclusion
  • Overcome bystander effect via peer-to-peer support
  • Identify skills-based training and reinforcement mechanisms to embed new, more inclusive ways of working

Informed by contemporary research on engaging men and a globally-recognised model of cultural transformation, InQ’s human-centred approach results in senior leaders open, active and authentic support.

“I’m most proud of the changes I’ve seen from our male leaders following their participation in the Co-Creating Inclusive Cultures: Engaging Men program. The changes they have applied, both in thought and action as a result of a greater understanding of how our biases may inadvertently play out, have been many and positive.”

CEO, global Infrastructure consulting firm

Parents At Work

Parents At Work

Services Provided: Parental Leave Consulting
Locations: Australia, New Zealand, UK

Parents At Work a is membership-based organisation providing work + family education and policy advisory services  to workplaces and individuals.

We’re on a mission to create family friendly workplaces so that people and businesses can thrive.  

Since 2007 we have provided over 100,000 families globally with vital family, career and wellbeing services. We collaborate with employers, policy makers and industry professionals to advocate for improved wellbeing and gender equality outcomes at work and at home by:

  • Developing family-friendly workplace framework and policies
  • Delivering world class parental leave and return to work training and coaching
  • Giving employers access to research and thought leadership
  • Delivering roundtables, workshops and podcasts
  • Connecting to parenting, wellbeing and career expert partners
  • Sharing stories, resources and guidance via an online learning platform
  • Showcasing family friendly initiatives to enhance employer brand

Our membership is made up of global and local organisations and we’ve been recognised by the Human Rights Commission for our advocacy work.

Sally Yacoub - Gender, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultant

Sally Yacoub - Gender, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultant

Services Provided: Gender Diversity Consulting; Gender Diversity Coaching; Other Diversity Consulting and Coaching; Gender Diversity Training
Locations: Global

Email address:

Contact telephone: +1(514)929-7659

Ms. Sally Yacoub is a passionate, multicultural Gender Consultant and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant with more than eighteen years of professional experience. Ms. Yacoub has a solid track record in providing technical and strategic advice on gender equality through an intersectional lens. In fact, she has profound experience in conducting gender assessments and in designing and delivering pragmatic strategies and project interventions that aim to promote gender equality and the inclusion of under-represented groups. Ms. Yacoub also has solid knowledge of best practices in diversity, equity and inclusion and has solid experience in developing a roadmap and strategy for change. She has extensive experience in coaching and building the capacity of staff, including senior staff, on gender, diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts and on the application of those concepts in particular fields such as human resources, communication, and fundraising. She is fluent in English and Arabic and has intermediate proficiency in French.  

Ms. Yacoub’s clients range from microfinance institutions with global presence to think tanks to global humanitarian organizations and small-medium firms in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region including Egypt as well as Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and North America, and others. She has experience in areas/sectors such as financial inclusion, digital financial services, humanitarian aid, SME finance, agriculture including aquaculture, economic development, education, youth employment, and others.

Whether your organization is new to or advanced in promoting gender equality and diversity, equity and inclusion, Ms. Yacoub has a range of service offerings – including diagnostics, roadmap and strategy development, awareness and capacity building training and coaching – to accompany your organization and staff in your journey and to support you in achieving your desired results. She adheres to the highest standards in service delivery and to global best practices in gender equality, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Wimmigrants Pty Ltd

Wimmigrants Pty Ltd

Services Provided: Gender Diversity Consulting
Locations: Melbourne
0408 995 796

As a leader tasked with facilitating the productivity and leadership of your organisation, are you clear on how to put that into practice?

Every organisation is different and in this session, you will gain clarity of what you can do to address your unique organizational priorities and challenges in gender equality, Inclusion, diversity and workplace culture.

We work with leaders and teams to help you :

  • Building leadership capabilities and inclusive leadership.
  • Increasing number of women and minorities in leadership positions.
  • Women empowerment.
  • Creating culture of engagement and inclusion.
  • Developing your inclusion and diversity strategy
  • Building a high level of trust within teams.
  • Improve cultural awareness, team dynamics, communication and address any specific capability needs
  • Help develop your diverse talent into people management positions
  • Build peer support for women, diverse groups and team leaders

This is achieved through:

  • Leadership and Career Coaching
  • Individual and Group Coaching and Mentoring
  • Team Facilitation & Workshops
  • Training
  • Event Speaking