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Looking for some support with your gender diversity efforts? Our directory can help.

Gender Equality & Inclusion Consulting Directory

Gender equality will only be achieved with the commitment, understanding and action of individuals, organisations, governments and the community.  Gender inequality is one of life’s “wicked problems”. Like most “wicked problems” to understand it and find effective solutions requires skill, experience and resources.

To help you or your organisation take effective action, AGEC has built a directory of Diversity and Inclusion specialists that can help you get started and achieve your goals.

The Directory connects you with consultants and makes it easy for you to understand their offerings, and contact them via their website if you want to know more.   While we have carefully selected those organisations in the directory,  you should make your own assessment of what your needs are and who is best placed to help you.

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Services Provided: Gender Diversity Consulting
Locations: London based, operating worldwide.
+ 44 207 021 0752

From fixing-the-women or blaming-the-men

Many companies would like to be more gender balanced. Some have tried hard, created women’s networks, mentoring programmes and female leadership training. We know, because we used to help them with these efforts. But after a few years, we were forced to admit they didn’t deliver balance. We learned that assuming that today’s imbalance is caused by something women lack (skill, will or background) was part of the problem.


Instead, for the past decade, we have invited CEOs and their teams to ask ‘What’s wrong with our company if we can’t attract, retain and promote the majority of today’s educated talent and connect with the majority of consumers in an ever-expanding range of sectors?’


20-first supports companies in adapting to global trends in gender, nationality, and generational issues and help leaders become effective at shifting the balance. We start by getting Executive Teams to identify the priorities key to the business – and make sure they are skilled at WHY and HOW to lead the change.

Australian Centre for Leadership for Women (ACLW)

Australian Centre for Leadership for Women (ACLW)

Services Provided: Gender Diversity Consulting; Gender Diversity Coaching; Other Diversity Consulting; Gender Diversity Training
Locations: Sydney, Wollongong, Illawarra,
0431 423 747

The Australian Centre for Leadership for Women (ACLW) enables organisations to become authentically inclusive of women and minority groups who are marginalised.

ACLW has enabled the valuing of women and their advancement in workplaces through:

  • addressing systemic bias against women in organisations and legislative frameworks
  • enhancing organisational cultures to value and advance women and minority groups
  • empowering women to navigate through systemic barriers and
  • enabling communities to recognise and advance diverse women and minority groups

ACLW has been the focal point of significant achievements, including the establishment of its flagship national awards program recognising diverse women’s advancement in workplaces and communities, research and extensive writing on key issues, advocacy and activism related to gender equality legislation, leadership and gender empowerment programs for organisations and executives and public forums for engagement on key policy issues affecting women.

The Australian Centre for Leadership for Women (ACLW) was founded in 2000 by Dr Diann Rodgers-Healey. Diann is an experienced leader and enabler of executive women, men and youth from diverse backgrounds and organisations to lead authentically and courageously and make a difference. Diann has held positions of leadership and management in Sydney and London in education, business and the not-for-profit sector. Her current academic appointments are Adjunct Professorial Research Fellow in The Cairns Institute of James Cook University; Adjunct Professor in Notre Dame University, Sydney. She is also an Honorary Fellow of the University of Wollongong (UOW)’s Wollongong Academy of Tertiary Teaching & Learning Excellence (WATTLE) and has been an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Institute of Business Well-Being (AIBWB) at UOW. Diann lectures Postgraduate students in management at UOW. She was the recipient of UOW’s Vice-Chancellor’s Faculty Award for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and
Learning Award 2010.

Diann is the author of several books including, “Considerations for Australia’s next woman Prime Minister,” “Abandoning Leadership for a better way of being for women and men” and has edited and co-authored the book, “Pathways to Gender Equality – The role of Merit and Quotas.”

More about Dr Rodgers-Healey here

Cognicity Pty Ltd

Cognicity Pty Ltd

Services Provided: Gender Diversity Consulting; Gender Diversity Coaching; Other Diversity Consulting; Gender Diversity Training
Locations: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom & United States
+61 3 8568 3633

Progress towards gender equality is stalling. Analysis indicates that most industries will not achieve equality for another 50+ years, and for many, the trend line is reversing. A new and evidence-based approach is required to generate the next level of momentum toward gender equality in organisations.

We will partner with you to achieve the shift in momentum required. Contact us to:
• Disrupt organisational fatigue around diversity and inclusion
• Engage senior leadership with a contemporary diversity and inclusion perspective
• Build a sustainable pipeline of female talent for the ‘C-Suite’
• Challenge complacency around microsexism
• Empower your team members to be effective, inclusive leaders
• Focus strategies on the factors that support women’s retention and growth
• Diversify women’s participation beyond corporate roles into operational roles
• Dispel the myths that surround meritocracy and flexibility
• Target the bias blindspots within your talent management policies and procedures

Cognicity’s methodology blends analytics, research, consultancy, policy reviews and practical exercises with online, virtual, in-person and train-the-trainer learning, to tailor an approach for each organisation. We focus on what the evidence supports as being impactful to achieving actual change. And our online training has been research-verified to significantly affect participant’s intension and confidence to engage in behaviours that promote diversity and inclusion.

Cognicity’s extensive client list can be found here and includes ASX50 corporations, major universities and not-for-profits, as well as local, state and federal government entities in Australia and New Zealand.

Cutler Coaching Pty Ltd

Cutler Coaching Pty Ltd

Services Provided: Gender Diversity Coaching; Gender Diversity Training
Location: Mainly Melbourne and VIC but happy to travel anywhere
0432 566 432

At Cutler Coaching we provide one-on-one coaching services, Women in Leadership programs, GenderSmart Programs and a variety of workshops and keynotes.

We are passionate about helping organisations create gender balance in leadership, helping people understand each other better and helping women succeed in male dominated environments.

We have a wide range of clients, including: ANZ, Coles, Telstra, Westpac, University of Melbourne, Anglicare, Melbourne City Mission, NAWIC, O’Briens Electrical and Plumbing and may more.

Cultivate Sponsorship Pty Ltd

Cultivate Sponsorship Pty Ltd

Services Provided: Gender Diversity Consulting
Location: Australia
0412 140 470

Cultivate is a sponsorship program built by it’s Founders Kat and Nat, based on Australian PhD research plus lived experience of the traditional barriers to women’s career progression. Sponsorship forms a strategic alliance between the leader and the sponsee. Our program is effective because it is targeted at building the behaviours and skills needed in both the leader and the sponsee. This is not another ‘fix the women’ program! Our first 3 years of running the program have proven that it is highly impactful in retaining and developing talent in organisations and has a high return on investment for employers as well as both individuals involved in the program.

Diversity Partners

Diversity Partners

Services Provided: Gender Diversity Consulting; Parental Leave Consulting; Other Diversity Consulting; Gender Diversity Training
Locations: Australia
1800 571 999

Diversity Partners is a specialist consulting firm guiding organisations to achieve more diverse and inclusive workplaces. Since 2009, we’ve assisted more than 300 clients to progress their inclusion and diversity objectives. Our clients range from large blue-chip organisations to small-medium firms and public sector departments and agencies in Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Whether your firm is starting out, or well progressed in efforts to achieve diversity and a more inclusive work culture, Diversity Partners has a range of solutions – including diagnostics, diversity and inclusion strategy development, diversity dashboards, leadership workshops – to create and sustain momentum.

We offer programs to challenge unconscious bias in decision-making and promote inclusive leadership, flexibility and cross-cultural awareness. We’re known for our practical and commercial application of global best practices in diversity and inclusion.

Dr Karen Morley

Dr Karen Morley

Services Provided: Gender Diversity Consulting; Gender Diversity Coaching; Gender Diversity Training
Locations: Melbourne, Victoria
0438 215 391

Dr Karen Morley helps leaders amplify their leadership: achieving more impact with less effort. That increases their motivation, productivity and influence.

Besides being an Executive Coach and leadership facilitator, Karen has held executive roles in government and higher education; her approach is informed by these experiences.

She works with individual leaders, teams and organisations, focusing on:

  • Coaching – for individuals, teams and peer-based circles.
  • Collaboration – to use power for good and harness collective intelligence.
  • Gender diversity – for leaders and organisations that want a fairer workplace.
  • Inclusive leadership – to recognise uniqueness, unite across differences and make workplaces better for everyone.

Inclusive and gender-balanced leadership assignments have been undertaken for organisations including: AICD, BHP, CSL, Department of Education, Department of Justice, Downer, ExxonMobil, Fulton Hogan Australia, L’Oreal, Melbourne Water, Officeworks, SBS and the University of Melbourne. She co-developed a gender diversity measurement tool that has been used to drive the diversity strategies of organisation’s such as QBE. She consulted to BHP Billiton’s GMC on the experiences of senior women in leadership roles.

Karen delivers Leading Beyond Bias and Inclusive Leadership workshops which assist leaders to better understand what bias is, how to avoid it and what to do about it. Her book, Gender Balanced Leadership: An Executive Guide, identifies critical success factors and practical actions that increase the number of women in senior leadership roles. She has also published Lead Like a Coach: how to get the most out of any team, along with numerous other white papers on gender and leadership. She is currently writing a book on peer collaboration.

Karen is a registered Psychologist, a member of the Australian Psychological Society and is a member of the APS Interest Group on Coaching Psychology. She has a Master of Psychology, an MBA, and a PhD in Leadership.

She is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Melbourne and Adjunct Director at Australian and New Zealand School of Government.

How Do You Do It

How Do You Do It

Services Provided: Gender Diversity Consulting, Parental Leave Consulting, Other Diversity Consulting, Gender Diversity Training
Locations: Australia, EMEA based in UK and Nordics based in Denmark
+61 476 583 392

How Do You Do It is an international specialist coaching company founded in Australia in 2006. We work with organisations to create long term behavioural change around the retention and progression of diverse talent.

Working with individuals, particularly working parents, their managers and the wider organisation, we run award winning group coaching programmes that support the development of modern inclusive workplaces.

We have always worked with mums and dads and having coached thousands of parents and their managers, we have developed considerable insight into the barriers and solutions to supporting working parents for the benefit of the individual, their team and the wider organisation. Looking at the whole person and how they navigate their career and family responsibilities, How Do You Do It enables individuals to thrive and businesses to benefit from the broadest talent pool.
In addition to our flagship face to face coaching programmes, our product portfolio includes a range of e-learning and virtual group coaching modules enabling How Do You Do It to support organisations of all sizes and across geographically dispersed workforces.


Jade Lane | Gender Equality Consultant

Jade Lane | Gender Equality Consultant

Services Provided: Gender Diversity Consulting; Gender Diversity Coaching; Other Diversity Consulting; Gender Diversity Training
Locations: Melbourne, Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia-wide
+61 413722427

I’m a gender equality consultant working to promote gender equity and prevent violence against women and girls.

I support organisations to make bold and meaningful progress toward gender equality, violence prevention, and transformational change.

I design gender-transformative programs, policies, and strategies to achieve gender equality and prevent violence against women. In doing so, I help organisations to centre women’s voices and experiences in their work, and I advocate for change when I see opportunities to do better.

I’m a dynamic and accomplished advisor with a unique ability to transform leading theories and ideologies into local and international programs that embed gender and violence prevention into broader operational and commercial frameworks.

I work across an array of programmatic areas including emergency management and disaster preparedness, health systems strengthening, women’s economic empowerment, and community capacity building for transformational change.

Milana Maternity Coaching

Milana Maternity Coaching

Services Provided: Parental Leave Consulting
Locations: Melbourne or as requested
0432 272 295

We coach employees to prepare for parental leave and, when the time is right, coach their successful return to work transition.

We also coach managers to retain their parental leave employees by encouraging the development of a positive and productive workplace culture – one that benefits both the employer as well as the employee during all phases of transition.

Parents At Work

Parents At Work

Services Provided: Parental Leave Consulting
Locations: Australia, New Zealand, UK

Parents At Work a is membership-based organisation providing work + family education and policy advisory services  to workplaces and individuals.

We’re on a mission to create family friendly workplaces so that people and businesses can thrive.  

Since 2007 we have provided over 100,000 families globally with vital family, career and wellbeing services. We collaborate with employers, policy makers and industry professionals to advocate for improved wellbeing and gender equality outcomes at work and at home by:

  • Developing family-friendly workplace framework and policies
  • Delivering world class parental leave and return to work training and coaching
  • Giving employers access to research and thought leadership
  • Delivering roundtables, workshops and podcasts
  • Connecting to parenting, wellbeing and career expert partners
  • Sharing stories, resources and guidance via an online learning platform
  • Showcasing family friendly initiatives to enhance employer brand

Our membership is made up of global and local organisations and we’ve been recognised by the Human Rights Commission for our advocacy work.

Project F

Project F

Services Provided: Gender Diversity Consulting
Location: Sydney
0409 630 047

Project F helps companies achieve gender-balanced technology teams. We do this by signing organisations up to participate in Program 50/50 – an entirely unique certification program. Program 50/50 surfaces the systemic, cultural, environmental and structural barriers for women in tech and then guides and supports the organisation to remove them.



Services Provided: Other Diversity Consulting
Locations: Australia

Symmetra is a global consultancy. We specialise in unlocking business potential through diversity and inclusion. Our solutions are designed to transform organisational culture, leadership and teams.​

Our CEO, Heather Priced founded Symmetra in 2003 off the back of launching and running one of the first and most influential diversity consultancies in post-apartheid South Africa. ​

At Symmetra we work with our clients to turn diversity into a source of competitive advantage by creating inclusive cultures and aligned processes that unlock the full potential of each person and team. To achieve this we work in close partnership with clients to develop tailored solutions aimed at creating sustained behaviour change.​

We are experienced​

Established in 2003, we are one of the most experienced D&I consultancies in Asia Pacific with a significant global footprint. A range of leading organisations choose to partner with Symmetra, including many of the ASX 100 as well as the Fortune Global 500. We’ve built scalable, end to end solutions suitable for small and large organisations alike​.

Symmetra works with organisations at various stages in their D & I journey: from the very initial stages of obtaining executive buy-in, to designing a framework and strategy, building skills and capability, all the way to working with those who are mature in their journey and need fresh approaches to leveraging the full value of diversity in their organisation. ​

In addition to our consulting practise, Symmetra is experienced in managing the delivery of training, coaching and development services for many large corporate and government clients, including many blue chip companies in Australia as well as global corporations.

What sets us apart?​

We are challenging​ – The most crucial factor driving successful diversity and inclusion programs is commitment from leadership and buy-in across the organisation. We bring fresh, bold and challenging ideas to help organisations unify efforts behind a common vision of driving performance and innovation through inclusion. ​

​We are empirical​ – Symmetra bases all its delivery, be it consulting or program content, on the most up to date empirical research which demonstrates the impact of diversity and inclusion on teams and organisations. We ensure we update all content with the latest insights for every bespoke solution,and adapt our materials to integrate key trends and insights for each client’s industry. ​

​We are inclusive​ – We practice what we preach – internally and externally. Our team combines diverse perspectives from a wide range of educational and cultural backgrounds and work experience. In working with our clients we believe in breaking boundaries, practising transparency, co-creation and building long term relationships. ​

​We are agile​ – We are responsive, adaptable and committed to continuous improvement. Symmetra is quick to respond to changing market needs with innovative solutions, developing our own proprietary products in response to new challenges for our clients. And we believe deeply in the importance of a customised approach that incorporates the unique context of each client.

Wimmigrants Pty Ltd

Wimmigrants Pty Ltd

Services Provided: Gender Diversity Consulting
Locations: Melbourne
0408 995 796

As a leader tasked with facilitating the productivity and leadership of your organisation, are you clear on how to put that into practice?

Every organisation is different and in this session, you will gain clarity of what you can do to address your unique organizational priorities and challenges in gender equality, Inclusion, diversity and workplace culture.

We work with leaders and teams to help you :

  • Building leadership capabilities and inclusive leadership.
  • Increasing number of women and minorities in leadership positions.
  • Women empowerment.
  • Creating culture of engagement and inclusion.
  • Developing your inclusion and diversity strategy
  • Building a high level of trust within teams.
  • Improve cultural awareness, team dynamics, communication and address any specific capability needs
  • Help develop your diverse talent into people management positions
  • Build peer support for women, diverse groups and team leaders

This is achieved through:

  • Leadership and Career Coaching
  • Individual and Group Coaching and Mentoring
  • Team Facilitation & Workshops
  • Training
  • Event Speaking