For over 100 years,
women have fought for the right
to be treated equally.

Now IT’S TIME to get it right!

Today women are paid
21.7% less than men

2023 WGEA Data, Full time earnings

1 in 5 women experience sexual violence after the age of 15

Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2017
‘Personal Safety Survey

Australia has fallen to 50th in the world for the political empowerment of women

World Economic Forum 2021
– ‘Global Gender Gap Report’

1 in 2 women
are discriminated
against at work
for being mothers

Australian Human Rights Commission, 2018
‘Face the Facts: Gender Equality 2018’

Women retire with
42% less
than men

Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2016
‘Personal Safety Survey

Girls receive
27% less pocket money
than boys

Westpac, 2016. Westpac Kids & Money Report
Average income by time spent on Chores

Our vision is a gender equal Australia

Achieving this vision requires a fundamental shift in Australian society, ensuring all people have the same rights, opportunities and outcomes across all sectors of the community, including economic participation and decision making.

AGEC believes a gender equal Australia will be achieved when the different behaviours, aspirations and needs of all genders are equally valued, respected and are manifest and clearly evident in Australian society.

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AGEC exists to:

Be the collective voice for our members; who are front line organisations working specifically on gender equality outcomes and who represent the views of Australian women in all in their diversity.

Identify opportunities for meaningful research and be a strategic connector between institutions conducting gender equality research and our membership

Leverage the collective capability of our membership, identifying and facilitating opportunities for collaborative problem solving around specific gender equality issues within the elements of AGEC’s Manifesto.


‘It’s Time’

Like the women and men of the first wave of women’s movements who fought for the right for women to vote and enter Parliament and the second wave of women and men who fought for the right to reproductive freedom for women, their right to a job and credit and their right to equal pay, the Australian Gender Equality Council asks you to join with us to finish what was started over 100 years ago. You can do this by helping to fund the ‘It’s Time’ campaign in social and mainstream media, by spreading the messages in our campaign and by standing up beside us and demanding that those around you answer the hard questions. It is hard for the culprits to hide in the shadows when a light is being shone into every corner.



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